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The World Contact Center (W.C.C) was established to create a center for businesses, organizations and individuals from all over the world to establish business and social relationships with businesses, organizations and individuals from different countries around the world.

Compared to business networks that exist primarily on the internet, such as LinkedIn and similar networks, where business people need to establish business relationships with different business people and try to create a business relationship with colleagues from different countries, W.C.C operates in a completely different way.

W.C.C has representatives in over 100 countries around the world. The W.C.C’s representatives live in these countries, speak their language, familiar with their culture, and they are in business and social relationships with local businessmen and people in local key positions.

When you want to do business in a different country, W.C.C takes all the steps he needs to make the best connection and to create the best deal for you.

W.C.C. services include: finding the desired relationships, establishing contacts, negotiating, translating calls, agreements and documents, local business support, legal support, finding and handling real estate, local secretarial services, shipping and logistics as needed and other requested services.

The W.C.C. representative in the country receives the information and characterization of the request from the service applicant.
The representative conducts the market research and submits the research results to the service applicant.

The service applicant reviews the results and decides on how to proceed from here.
After formulating a decision, the service applicant, together with the representative of the center, characterizes his / her requirements from that country, and according to the agreement, the representative begins to handle the request of the service applicant.

Moreover, if necessary, the representative sets meetings between the parties and handles all meeting matters.

In the event of your arrival in the destination country, the representative takes care of all the arrangements required to host you.

The representative will take care of the accommodation, for internal shuttles as needed, food, places to find the meeting area, and even recommendations for your recommended entertainment.

In accordance with the preparation work for the transaction and the accompanying transaction, the representative’s role is to arrange the relevant material translation, to a local interpreter as needed, and to all the necessary to maintain the business relationship in a convenient language for all parties.

Other services provided by the center are:
Local business consulting.
Legal advice and guidance by a local lawyer.
Professional telemarketing by local phone calls.
Preparation of promotional materials in the local language.
Local Marketing Management.
Campaign management on the Internet and social networks.
Accounting and guidance.
Create local business relationships and more.

When you work with W.C.C, W.C.C actually becomes your delegate, contact and make connections to the destination country.

Need International Relations? Want to do international business? The World Contact Center is your center!

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There are about 190 million companies registered in the world

WHY Working with US

Everything we do with you, all the services we provide – all with complete transparency!

We are the most global company in the world.
Everything you need, just about anywhere in the world – we’re there!

When you work with your country, we are your direct connection to whatever happens there.

When you work with us, there is a teamwork of several people who look directly at your needs!

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain the world’s largest business center, where a businessman from anywhere in the world can do business and develop his business anywhere else in the world.
The center will operate regardless of race, religion or nationality, connecting any two people who simply want to do business together.
We believe that good businesses create good human companies, create human closeness, develop the world economy and the individual economy, create opportunities for everyone.
And make the world a good place to be.

Our vision is to create the place and the foundation for it all.

OUR services

As a company that aims to provide the perfect answer to every international business matter, we provide all the services required to conduct the business.

Company representatives are engaged and connected with the best service providers in each country in which we operate.

The service providers are constantly tested by our service control, and we demand only the best for our customers.

Of course, service providers understand the importance of their services to our customers, and they do everything possible to fulfil our and our customers’ expectations.

Our services include:

  • Close personal management
  • Legal advice and guidance
  • Bookkeeping
  • Translation and translator
  • Hospitality and feeding
  • transportation
  • Telemarketing
  • marketing and advertising
  • Leisure Activity
  • General services.