Our Team


Our team is made up of local representatives in all the countries we work with. Each one in the team has an excellent grip on management, planning, and more.

Our representatives speak the local language, English and some also other languages.

Our representatives are residents of the place we work with.

They speak not only the local language, but live and know the local culture, know the local mentality, know the business mentality, and have all the tools and knowledge to give the best answer to any business purpose.

Our team is backed by the company’s business center, and also by representatives from various countries.

Everyone in the team has many hours and experience managing and providing business service, starting with establishing appropriate relationships, local research, and the means to find the desired goals.

Deputies work with the center and with the representative in the client’s country as needed.


Among our representatives you can meet:

Mehwish Abdul Rehman
Urdu and English
Karem Alexandra Mereci
Spanish and English
Renata Koros
Polish and English
Eliana abraham
Eliana Abraham
English and Spanish
THOMAS Abraham
Thomas Abraham
English and Spanish
samreen zaib
Samreen Zaib
Urdu, Arabic and English
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-30 at 7.01.35 PM
Raquel Antunes
Portuguese and English
Jemma Nikoghosyan
Russian and English
Teona Gedenidze
Georgian, Russian and English
Mary Wanjiru Mugo
English and Swahili
Ela Arapović
Croatian and English
Julie Anastasi
English and Italian
Ellen Vargas Virkkala
Spanish, English and Finnish
Fatima Qahramani
Dari and Pashto
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