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As a company that aims to provide the perfect answer to every international business matter, we provide all the services required to conduct the business.

Company representatives are engaged and connected with the best service providers in each country in which we operate.

The service providers are constantly tested by our service control, and we demand only the best for our customers.

Of course, service providers understand the importance of their services to our customers, and they do everything possible to fulfill our and our customers’ expectations.

Local personal manager

Local personal manager integrates the initial contact as needed.  Welcomes you and personally accompany you.

Direction and guidance

Legal advice and guidance by local attorneys who specialize in business matters, opening company cases and many more.


Bookkeeping, If the company accounts and personal accounts are needed. Our staff take care of all the data.

Translation and translator

Translation and translator from source language to local language. You can also get a close interpreter throughout your visit or appointment times.

Hospitality and feeding

Every visitor has the conditions requested by him that we understand. Our staff takes care of all the details of accommodation , settlement and food. 


You can hire a driver or a driver for predefined times.
You can also coordinate with local taxi drivers or car rentals.


Our telemarketing services are local and professional and have experience in the                                 business sector.                               Telemarketing people are ready to make sales calls, coordinate appointments, and make an initial acquaintance with businessmen, companies, services or unique products.

marketing and advertising

Local marketing and advertising are the keys  to any success.
The marketing and advertising people we work with are professionals with extensive experience in the local market. They are familiar with the local culture and mentality and provide an excellent response to promoting interest in their area of ​​activity.

Leisure Activity

Almost every person who comes to business meetings has hours and maybe free days. During these times, and by prior arrangement, a local guide will be assigned, whose job is to show the visitor the places of interest, to recommend him a variety of activities happening on the spot, and to fill his time with the things of interest.

Let us open the world for you!

With professional representatives in almost every country in the world, we have a wealth of connections and skills to create contacts and opportunities, handle all aspects of international relations, and provide you with all the services you need to run your business efficiently and professionally in almost every country.

In order for us to look into working together, and to find out from our side how we can provide you with the best services, please complete the following form without obligation and send it to us.

We will review your requirements, check with our representatives in the country how they are prepared to fulfil your requirements and send you a clear, orderly and binding offer of everything we can do for you.

No task is too small or too big.


Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lahore, Pakistan

Wentworthville, Australia

Zagreb, Croatia

Narok, Kenya

Tbilisi, Georgia

Pamplemousses, Mauritius

Guayaquil, Ecuado

Kos, Greece

Rehab District, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Agualva, Sintra, portugal

Scope of interests
ConnectionsMarketing            Import
Export             Telemarketing   Local services
Hospitality    Legal assistanceproject managing
BookkeepingCollaborations  Local supervision
Suppliers        Business accompanimentOther